Episode 42 - Logan Frazier - Out of Abuse, Into the Military, And Creating a Legacy To Follow


-What a “growth mindset” means in the context of Logan’s life and how he developed it over time

-The role that fitness played in getting him out of trouble and finding a sense of worth in times of darkness

-How he balances being a father, a member of the military, run a successful online coaching business, going to school, being a competitive bodybuilder, writing a book, acting, and still taking care of his mental health!

-How to navigate the cultural changing landscape of social media as it progress through time

-How to know if your fitness routine is unhealthy? What qualifies being “healthy” in the first place? Especially in realm of bodybuilding?

-Why knowing a definitive “plan” is bullsh*t. Know your vision.
 -The importance of role models in shaping this vision.

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“in college... I almost ended up dead many times, I almost ended up in jail, and the one thing that was always there was the gym... and eventually I was able to bring into fruition how I could help others in their lives”

“Back at home when I being abused... I just didn’t know what to do with my life... man it was such a hard time...”

“Of course people have certain genetics but I don’t think that anyone... can’t work on the gifts they are already given... Growing up I definitely didn’t have a growth mindset... but I have learned that this mindset is created through the path of life that we take”

“The hardships that I have gone through... all of the lows... they have taught me how to be a better man... and I have learned from these times of great darkness...”

“I realized early on that what you do in the gym can also be reflected in what you do outside in your own life... it was addicting... it always made me feel so empowered... like I could do anything I set my mind to”

“Being alive isn’t merely the presence of a heart beat or breath, its finding those things that make your heart race, that take your breath away”


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