Episode 49 - Ashley Nordman - Bullying And The Power Of Just One Friend

-The impact that bullying had in her life as well as struggling with an eating disorder -How she was able to use these experiences to build a better life for herself
-The role that fitness has played in helping her cope with hard times
-The importance of having a mentor who believes in you
-The struggle of putting “me” first especially when you care about the wellbeing of others
-What to do when you feel like nothing you do is really letting you win
-Letting go of others to gain adequate love
-The importance of hormonal and digestive health (the impact of medication)
-The struggles of self love
-The power of saying NO
-Evolving out of a victim standpoint in life
-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf

“Growing up I was bullied... I was different... and school was miserable... I just wasn’t into what other people were into... and I just really struggled to believe in myself for a long time”

“I was always so caring and so nice and I got taken advantage of... I remember I was crying through the hallways and well... one of my teachers pulled me aside and asked ‘are you happy?’ and it was in this moment that I really felt like someone cared... and someone actually believed in me”

“I had to learn to let go of seeking for acceptance and really just focus on helping myself... it was really hard because I was always trying to please other people... but really I just wasn’t taking care of myself”

“I had to realize that it was a choice to be around the people who were putting me down... and I had to find the courage to let them go... it wasn’t until I did this did my life really start to get better”

“I didn’t realize how important digestive health was... I didn’t think that it could be linked to impacting how I feel and even how my body looked”

“There were times in my life where I was just hoping that things would fall into place... and everything would be better... it wasn’t until I realized that no one was going to do this... and that I had to take ownership [of my life]... did I see my life actually change in front of me”

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