Episode 48 - Brendan Lund - The Raw Power Of Investing Into Yourself - What It Takes


-Why he left a 6-figure job to then invest in a company that went broke

-How the passing of his grandfather impacted his life

-How he was able to turn less than 500$ in his pocketbook to make a 6 figure salary in under a year

-Some of the biggest mistakes that coaches make that sabotages the success of their own clients as well as their own business

-The pros/cons of isolating yourself for the purposes of self growth. Is it worth it?

-The struggle of finding contentment with a mindset that always wants more

-Evolving out of restrictive eating and training and having a more balanced approach

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“From the outside viewing in, my life was perfect. I had a GF, a six figure job... but I always felt unfulfilled and felt like something was wrong... and then I transitioned into entrepreneurship...”

“The start was rough.... I actually opened up a nutrition shop that failed miserably... and then I got the idea of trying to coach clients online... this was where my life began to change”

“Before I was just using Instagram here and there... I just didn’t realize the power that it held”

“I think one of the biggest things I am struggling with right now... is learning to make a set point when I feel okay with what I am doing... because there is always a tendency... to want more and more”

“I was a hardcore clean eater... and I was afraid of evolving out of this approach... I was scared of seeing my physique changing in a negative way... yet I was binging all the time...and then trying to compensate for it... and this was a really hard period of my life”

“We don’t have to be progressing at all things all the time... but I think evolving into indefinite progress... it’s something that really speaks to me”


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