Episode 47 -Emily Friscella - Utilizing Social Media, Publishing Books, & Mental Health


-What it took to build a loyal following

-Why she spent 0$ marketing her book

-Why she deduced to quit her job to then write her best selling book

-Why social media growth is not a “free” resource

-Knowing when and how to outsource certain tasks with your “passion project”

-The power of having a podcast to build trust with your audience

-How to approach your mindset when it comes to healthy decision making

-Why consistency triumphs short term loss

-The conceptualization of diet (what’s not intuitive)

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“I was writing down recipes and I knew it was working for me... and I just realized that what I had in front of me was a cook book! Then the idea came to me that I could one day make this into a book...”

“I had to make a choice with my old job... and even though I loved it and I worked really hard to get it... I was making really good money too... I knew that my passion lied somewhere else... I had to follow it”

“I knew that a lot of people don’t want to go on a diet because they hate the taste of healthy food... so with the book came with a lot of questions like, what is the difference between all of these diets... so I ended up meeting with a friend of mine who is a dietician... and she became instrumental in making this book a success”

“There is a lot that goes into [building a following] that people don’t really see... I wish it was easy as just one viral post... but the reality just isn’t that”

“Often times its the mindset that accompanies us with food that affects our dieting... it is always the hardest part... often times people feel that they have predispositions to look a certain way... and although everyone’s genetics affects people differently.... there is so much that you can do to better your own health anyway!”

“I used to always count on what happened tomorrow to make me happy... I didn’t realize that my happiness came in the day by day... and when I follow my passion... I feel that every single day”


You can follow her: @emilyfrisella


Her book -> Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen


Join the Movement.


And Together We Can Pursue Our #StrongerSelf


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