Episode 46 - Chanel Colette - Restorative Yoga, Competing, And Exceptional Coaching


-The impact of competitive bodybuilding over time

-Hormonal health (and the stigmatization that comes with it)
 -What is restorative yoga? How did it completely changed her life?

-How to turn off your fight of flight mode – its link to better mental and hormonal health

-Should you have in person clients before you train online?

-How Chanel built her client base (and the power of referrals)

-The importance of certification and how to better your coaching service

-Should coaches be dependent solely on social media to build a client base?

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“I think that all of the struggles that I went through with competing and dieting has really taught me how to be a better coach... and with social media it really did change everything”

“After all of these years of competing... I wasn’t letting myself rest and recover fully... and my hormonal health wasn’t healthy... and my mental health suffered... and then I discovered yoga...”

“My original perception of yoga was... far off from what is was... and the community that yoga gave me... that safe space to really let go..."

“If you have never worked with people in person, then you probably will not have gained as much success with working with people online... the reason is because...”

“Don’t accept the status quo. You can’t find yourself being stagnant... not continuing your education... not growing outside of what you are or what you already know... we are always evolving... and if you can’t have that growth mindset then you won’t be able to progress”


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