Episode 45 - Danny Flefil - Bullying, Calisthenics, and Social Media


-The extent to which bullying has shaped him to be a better person

-What it took for him to become a champion in pro-street workouts (and progress so quickly)

-How having role models has changed our lives

-The power of persistence on social media content generation (and life)

-Why its so hard to be alone and the challenges of reaching out

-Being critical and selective of the people you surround yourself by

-Dealing with the pressures of being “normal”

-What we are scared to ask of ourselves. Why this holds us back.

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“When I was bullied... no one really believed in me... I think finding that belief in myself... was one of the hardest things I had to do”

“I think it was crucial that I was always finding solutions rather than problems... because of course people have different genetics, but I always held an attitude of never giving up... I think what is key is the mindset that allowed me to progress as quickly as I did”

“As a child I always wanted to help my family work as early as 4 or 5 in the morning because it always felt good to do so back in Poland... I always wanted to do good... even when I was bullied back in high school”

“As I got older I realized that the people who were bullying me were really just insecure in who they were... and many of them ended up coming to me later wanting help... its a funny thing”

“I realized early on that comfort was not always happiness... I wanted to do something big with my life... but I knew I needed to focus on myself and reevaluate the friendships in my life... I asked if I wanted to be like any one of them?... and the answer was no... so I had to let them go”

“Sometimes you just need to [metaphorically speaking] lock yourself in a closet and just listen to your mind... we often don’t give ourselves the time to really listen... and asking what you really want to do... I really think that doing this can really change your life”


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