Episode 44 - Elliot Hulse - The Power of Reinventing Yourself


-How Elliot got into fitness

-How he built Strength Camp to be the success it is today (hint: collecting trash and working out of the back of his car)

-How to change your content as you grow as a person

-How he has dealt with his lowest moments

-The impact of eastern philosophy on his life

-How he has dealt with doubt (funny story)

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“I was on the brink of becoming everything I wanted to be in my life... but I was incredibly doubtful... and I remember being so broke and walking through really nice neighborhoods... and little did I know... well I guess I did know... that I would be living there”

“I was doing strongman training back when no one was doing it... way back in Florida where it was hot and sweaty and we were just lifting tires and stones and big hunks of logs and it was basically trash... I loved it”

“I realized that I could fill up my van with this stuff and I could start training people... so strength camp literally was running out of my van for a year or so until I found a warehouse... but I couldn’t even afford the first months rent... and then this was where I started making Youtube videos”

“You know I don’t consider my change in content a change in direction... the world does... it’s because I have always been an expansive person [and] I have never been able to put myself in one category but it started out that way”

“I remember when I was living in my father-in-law’s basement. I was unsettled. I was unhappy. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I didn’t know what to do next. So I turned to books. I turned to eastern philosophy... and everything changes”

“The irony of meditation for me was that it was anything but comfortable.... it made me face my demons and my traumatic past... and it was something I needed to face... if I wanted to be happy”

“As we uncover parts of ourselves, we are at the same time letting go of parts of ourselves... and I believe we always have the strength to get through them”


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