Episode 41 - Sam Walkden - PhD Researcher, Mental Health Advocate, & Future of Health Care

Topics we discuss:
-The power of truly following your heart
-How to be an influencer in the world without directly using social media
-The power of a Ph.D and education in helping mental health issues
-Are mental health problems curable?
-Taking care of yourself while being in a “helper” position in life
-Impact of fitness in her life as well as her work
-Problems with the current mental health care
-The future of education, research, and preventative care in mental health clinics -How to overcome doubt in yourself
-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf

“I think that sometimes going through the lows is the only way that we can really and truly appreciate the highs in our life... trying to get users to see this can be a hard change to make but when you can... it can change their life”

“When my grandmother passed away I was devastated... but there was a space in me that I knew I had to fill with... fitness being a part of me... because I knew that it would help better myself”

“It is problematic to say that mental illnesses are ‘curable’ because the reality is that for many it isn’t. However it is most definitely treatable and this should be the proper framing of it”

“I hate when people say that we can’t battle against the stigma of mental health... we absolutely can... and there are so many ways of doing this”

“You need to be advocating for the change regardless of how many people are following you on social media... you never know how many people you can really help!”

“Doubt was definitely something that I struggled with for a long time and... at one point in my life I realized that I just needed to go for it... and realize that I was going to be okay”

“Strength is about resilience and understanding... I know that my biggest strength resides in just being true to yourself”

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