Episode 33 - Kenzie Brenna - Having Tough Conversations: Weight loss, Weight Gain, Mental Health, Life


-What are the biggest challenges when it comes to speaking up about our mental health (how to know when we are not okay, where to even start, how to get help, how not to get help, etc.)

-The power of vulnerability in changing your life

-Leveraging the power of technology (phones, internet, apps) to better your mental health

-Face to face v.s. technology... which is better when trying to reach out for some support?

-How to frame and talk about health (weight loss, muscle gain, mental health, other topics) in a way that is inclusive of what other people are struggling with

-Why there is so much stigma against being overweight and how we can move past “fat-shaming”

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“Mental health is often seen as invisible. We often feel like our evidence falls short and we have to justify to ourselves (and to the outside world) that we feel a certain way... it can be really scary because we don’t even know how or when to start helping ourselves”

“I feel like we are expected to always feel so positive all the time... but it just doesn’t make a lot of sense especially because you can’t just turn off one side of the emotional spectrum without turning off the other”

“Luckily we are living in age where it is becoming an option for us to speak up about our mental health... but learning how to navigate this can be really tough”

“Therapy is sort of always uncomfortable but definitely having an online app (from my phone) has made it a lot more accessible and a lot easier to find a therapist I can love... oh and it definitely has saved me cost in the long run... and its just a lot more

comfortable knowing that I can this service literally right from my bedroom”

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, everyone is going to have bad body image days.”

“Being able to just start talking about the things we are afraid to talk about is a good start”

“Whenever I lean into my vulnerability... I always get stronger from that”


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