Episode 40 - Joseph Sheehey - Out Of Depression And Into Success - Becoming The Hero Of Your Story


-Joseph’s struggle with anxiety and depression

-How he navigated out of feeling completely lost with himself to then finding himself and creating a life that he loved

-The role that fitness played in helping himself

-When fitness starting taking away from his life

-The challenges of masculinity in today’s world

-Trying to find authenticity in an inauthentic market of social media

-The role of meditation

-Why he started Cured Nutrition

-How he was able to grow this million-dollar company in under a year

-Why letting go a sense of control can give you a sense of control

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“I was the popular kid in school... they looked at me and saw me as this high achiever... but they didn’t see the darkness in me that I had... and for a long time I just kept it completely silent”

“I was just drinking and doing drugs... and lost myself incredibly throughout college... and it got to a place where I was in such a dark place and tried to take my life away... I was stopped by someone from jumping off the bridge... he saved me and pulled me over the guard rail... and from there it was a journey to figure out why I was struggling the way I was... and how I could get out of it”

“I think masculinity really affected my own ability to really see when I needed help... I didn’t feel like I was allowed to cry... I was scared of judgment... and the more that I continue to share my own story... when people starting reaching out to me and saying that I helped them... that made me feel better more than anything else”

“I look where I am today and if me, myself, from 1.5 years ago saw where I am... it just blows my mind and honestly that what makes life so exciting”

“We have to live life in a way of learning how to adapt... because life is so hard as it is... but if we live through true self-awareness... and are able to stay true to ourselves... that is what life is about”

“My life changed when I stopped trying to mold the image of myself to what other people wanted me to be”


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