Episode 39 - Nick Cheadle - Being Lean Is Not The Answer To A Good Life


-Why Nick got into fitness (why it changed his life)

-How he was able to move away from going to extremes to finding a more balanced approach to training and nutrition

-Nick’s struggle with body dysmorphia and how he was able to get out of it

-Navigating your way out of inauthenticity on social media
 -Why he switched from bodybuilding to powerlifting

-How to build a successful gym

-The importance of building a sense of “family”

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“I went through a really hard breakup and I didn’t like what was looking back at me in the mirror... I decided that if I was a little bit leaner and stronger... that maybe it would be easier to score with the ladies... so in all honesty this was how my fitness journey started”

“Over time, I learned how to change my fitness routine to make it something that was more sustainable... because when I started out I was going to the extremes and was very restrictive and I didn’t need to be... I just didn’t know how not to be”

“I knew that I enjoyed training... but I knew that deep down what I was doing was not sustainable... so it fueled this desire to learn more and more... and the more knowledgeable I became... it pushed me into finding a way that I could do this for a longer period of time... and yes there was a lot of trial and error”

“Being lean is just not the answer to life... and for so long I thought it was... there was so much struggle that came with this one”

“Fitness has though, without a doubt, completely changed my life for the better.”


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