Episode 38 - Jordan Syatt - What It Takes To Be An Exceptional Coach

-How Jordan became Gary Vee’s health and nutrition coach

-What goes behind content creation

-The power of expectations. Are they helping or limiting or both?

-Body dysmorphia within the fitness industry

-Dealing with hate when you are being vulnerable on social media

-How Jordan has conquered fear to help build his own success

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“People think content creation is super easy. Hey I can make it on Instagram!... there is actually a lot of work that goes behind the scenes”

“If my goal was to make money back then, I would have thought I was failing way back when I felt like I wasn’t making any progress.”

“I knew that I genuinely wanted to help people and I just trusted my gut and went for it”

“I started creating content... writing for my website... making youtube videos... and someone I met... well he knew Gary Vee... and he changed my life...”

“I remember looking at people who had 100,000’s of followers and being a little bit jealous and wanting their influence because I knew that I wanted to use that to help people as they were helping me... its always so tough in the beginning when you are starting out...”


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