Episode 37 - Chris and Eric Martinez - The Subtle Art of Masterful Coaching


-How they dealt with the passing of their father and feeling utterly lost (and angry) in life

-Why the gym played an essential role in changing their life

-The basics to coaching 101

-The power of fitness in giving structure to your life

-Masking entrepreneurship for pain... is it worth it?

-Dangers of “grind grind grind” mindset and how to transition out of it

-Should you mix your work and social life together?

-What are “non-negotiables” and how they can change your life
 -What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf


“After my dad and grandma passed away I didn’t really know what to do with my life. We were both filled with so much anger and we could just see our lives fall apart.”

“I remember going home and see pill bottles on the floor and my mother passed out.... we just didn’t have good role models anymore and didn’t know what to do with our lives.”

“One of the keys to learning how to be a good coach is knowing how to really seek out the right mentorship in life.... and it can be a challenge at times with learning how to find the right the people.”

“You know we have worked with clients for over 7 years now and not one of them has thanked us for getting a nice six pack but rather for how much fitness has changed their life beyond just their initial goals of getting a nice physique... and I think that this is what fitness should really be about.”

“Just because someone has a large following does not mean that they are influential. It means that they are just popular. So learning how to be influential and use what power you have is just so powerful.”

“Don’t build a business just for the sake of building a business and making money. Because what are you really chasing long term?... we must be really critical at what we aim for because it can really dictate what our life leads us to”


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