Episode 36 - Sarah Anne Stewart - The Power of Holistic Health


-How using holistic medicine helped her father live through terminal cancer
-Why she transitioned out of the model industry and went into holistic health
-The struggles of having an eating disorder (and she was able to help herself through it -What does “healthy” mean
-The benefits of having a life coach
-Finding ways to love yourself and move out of “self-sabotage”
-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf

“My journey started as a child when I discovered my father had terminal cancer. And this was where my journey of holistic health began”

“People don’t understand that how we approach food often effects how we feel about ourselves, how we think, our feel, how we look at ourselves in the mirror... and I knew I had a problem with all of this... and I needed to find a way to help myself”

“One of the biggest lessons I had to learn was looking inside and trying to figure out where these stories I was telling about myself were coming from... because the story we tell ourselves can often hurt us or heal us depending what we say”

“in western medicine, we are often looking for the “cure”... we are often missing looking at a greater picture of an individuals health which can include the career, the relationships, the community, the environment we live in, stress levels... all of this affects us just as much as the food we are putting into our bodies”

“I avoided help for years... I just didn’t have a community I could open up to... and I wish I opened up to someone sooner.”
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