Episode 35 - Gabriel Sey - Finding Clarity Amongst The Chaos

-The challenge of talking about mental health issues as a male in the fitness industry -How he finds ways to help his mental health (including his panic attacks and anxiety) -Why the metaphor of a box is so powerful
-The story of Gabriel quitting his job (and how he found the bravery to believe in himself)
-What being a father has taught him in his life
-How fitness has transformed his perspective in life
-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf



“We are taught at such a young age that men don’t cry. But as I have gotten older that whole reality became silly because its just natural emotion... but I find it crazy that not enough people are talking about what is going on in their head... its tough man”

“I think the first step to getting any sort of help is learning to admit when you are not OK... and I remember a specific time where I really struggled with my mental health... it was hard man”

“Meditation really helps because it helps bring you to the present moment... its essential to the wellbeing of my life”

“I remember when I quit my job to pursue my own business at the time and everyone thought I was crazy... and I got in my car... I just handed in my resignation letter... and my excitement washed away and I felt the immense fear setting in”

“There was a moment when I was making videos and I didn’t feel like it was 100% me... and I knew I had to make a change”


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