Episode 24 - Summer Dawn - Showing Up In Your Power. Everyday.

Topics we discussed:
-How Summer Dawn got into fitness (her journey, her struggles, her successes)
-Why it is important to redefine what failure means in your own life (and how summer did for herself)
-How to know when to move on from things that do not serve you
-Why you should never let your ambitions run low
-Summer’s plan to revolutionize the fitness and health industry
-Why it was important for Summer to take a break from social media (and why you should consider it too)
-Why having the mindset that your fears will go way might NOT be helpful for actually achieving your goals (ex: is bravery the absence of fear?)
-What it means to Pursue a #StrongerSelf

Some amazing quotes that were said:

“You are gonna have times in the future where you feel you cannot get back up… and that’s what I feel like I have when I try to hit my max…. I just feel like I cannot get back up… but that feeling is where you need to stop and get back up no matter what.”

“Showing up in your power… that means to know you who are, know that you are worth so much, and I think showing up in that power everyday… it really changes who are you”

“Having that mindset of… just continuing to take action no matter what… it really helped me be the person I am today”

“Yes, I still have doubts about myself and my own future… and for a while I was dwelling on it and I was feeling really depressed… but I know I had to keep moving forward… and that helped me with my confidence later on knowing that I could actually change… that I could do something about the position I was in”

“Your mind is the most powerful tool that you can use in any area of your life… in fitness, in personal life, in development

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Music by: BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden (WiDE AWAKE Remix) and BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden

Caleb Spiro