Episode 21 - Lauren Tickner - Defying Expectations: When Business Meets Fitness

The Awesome Topics We Discussed:
-How I met Lauren (and how in a funny encounter she helped change my life)!
-Why Lauren quit her job at a FTSE 250 company
-The art of beating “imposter syndrome”
-Key aspects of building your personal brand
-How Lauren built several key businesses to make a 6 figure salary
-How to change your brand as you change too (including moving WITH “growing pains”)
-Navigating your own path
-The power of creating passive income streams
-Why you need to start sharing your message right now!!!
-The challenges of reaching out for help (and vulnerability)
-What it means to Pursue a #StrongerSelf
The Super Duper Bomb Quotes That Were Said:

“When I was 18 years I finished [school] and then I started working at a wealth management company… I got into one of the best colleges in the UK… but then I ended up quitting everything that I had to… pursue something that I knew I could make a large difference doing”

“Impacting people lives is at the end of the day what makes the difference….yes money is important but what is more important is the [impact] that you are going to create on the world”

“Anyone can build up their personal brand… and use it to impact thousands of lives”

“It's all about acting and moving forward. If I have an idea I go for it"

“Excitement is just on the other side of fear”

“Part of the challenge is admitting that no one has it all figured out. I try to educate myself as I go…  but accepting that uncertainty in a way… fuels me to keep going and to keep trying for bigger and better things”

You can follow Lauren on IG @laurentickner
YT:  Lauren Tickner
Her Podcasts: http://www.businessmeetsfitness.co.uk/
Join The Movement. 
And Together We Can Pursue Our #StrongerSelf
Music by: BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden (WiDE AWAKE Remix) and BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden

Caleb Spiro