Episode 15 - Jen Esquer - Rehabilitation, Therapy, And Prevention: Mobility for Life

In this episode we talk about:

-Her struggles of having scoliosis

-The mind and body connection

-Power of tuning into your body

-Mindful v.s. mindless stretching

-Using your body as a way to be free

-Why your health should be an investment before it is an investment

-Importance of being assessed by a professional 

-Prevention v.s. Postvention

-Why she rarely uses the word “diagnosis”

-Inspiration v.s. empowerment


Some amazing quotes that were said:

“I have scoliosis and can still bend and do all of these other things… I hate the excuses that come with the disabilities that come this way.”

“We create fear within the body and the brain can literally drive pain. The mind is so damn powerful.”

“If can tune into your mind, over time you will be able to use to be able to move again.”

“Mobility can be done in little ways throughout the day. This is where I find I can get in done in practical ways”

“For any movement or exercise, you should always have a purpose behind everything you do. This is where the mindfulness comes in play…”

“True empowerment comes from inspiration… it comes from people wanting to take action and truly make a difference in our lives… that is what we must aim for each and every day”

“It's about stepping outside of yourself because it's not about you. It's about having passion empathy that you can give to people.”


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