Episode 18 - Sarah Hyde - Using the Gym to Spark Change Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Topics we talked about:

-How Sarah was able to use fitness to turn her life around

-The one moment that completely changed her life

-How Sarah continues to stay motivated throughout her fitness journey

-Trying to find the people who support you through your new lifestyle changes 

-The loneliness that can come on your fitness journey 

-Critically evaluating perfectionism and its effects on achieving your goals

-Feeling intimidated and “stuck” in the gym

-How “flexible dieting” can change your relationship with food 

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf

Some amazing quotes:

“Before I found fitness, my life was turning into a downward spiral. It was only the moment where I decided to turn my life around did I realize that this wasn’t the person I wanted to be”

“For me, training in the gym and being strong and focusing on a strong mindset has become a staple of my life and has become a part of who I am”

“Its an addicting feeling to feeling strong every single day... that is what motivates me to keep going when times get tough”

“I was able to use social media as a way to help feel more connected to like-minded individuals and.... alleviating some of the loneliness I felt pursuing a fitness journey”

“By focusing on progression, I am able to focus on what matters and grow into the individual I feel I should be”

“When I feel intimated towards a goal or I feel judged by others, I remind myself that ‘no one is me' and that is my power”

“You can’t always connect the dots forward, but one day you will be able to connect them backward”
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