Episode 17 - Austin Dunham - Calisthenics, Career Changes, and Courageous Effort

In this episode, we talk about:

-Why September 1st 2014 changed his life and motivated him to stay consistent for 3 years, with no days off (and built an incredible physique just through calisthenics)!

- How Austin scaled his business and set goals to help his businesses thrive

 -How Austin got through bullying by building confidence through training

-How he deals with negativity in his life and grows from it

-Why Austin loves bodyweight training more than anything else (and why you should consider starting bodyweight strength training).

-How to find opportunities and assess risk when creating the life you love

-A discussion around Austin’s New Career Choice to leave the ROTC to pursue his outstanding vision

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf


Here Are Some Dope Quotes From The Podcast:

“Educate, motivate, inspire, and entertain... those are my goals with YouTube and how I envision myself to succeed”

“Calisthenics is different than weight training because it is super unique.... and the body control and strength that you gain from it is insane”

“In high school I used to wear a hoodie and cover up my arms because they would.... say how skinny my arms [were]... and going to the gym has really helped with my confidence around that”

“I have been telling myself that I want to come out with my own supplement line one day but I kept telling myself that I will do it after college saying that I was busy.... but one night I was laying in my bed and.... I just had this epiphany”

“People overthink it and think that there is right time or right way to start things... whatever you are doing will evolve over time to what it is supposed to be. Like its never going to start off perfect you know?”

“People didn’t take [me] that seriously in the beginning and I guess they didn’t have a reason to... but I had a passion for making videos and working out so I was going to do it regardless of what anybody said”

“Working in the military... you work long hours from 7 to 4.... you get moved around a lot.... I need all the freedom I can get.... so this is when I thought that [my new career] really lined up with my business goals”

“I put a sheet down of pros and cons of... joining the air force.... and going full time with business... and from there is was obvious to see the path I needed to continue going in... and I needed to do this decision what was best for me.... and not what others wanted for me.... and now I have no choice but to follow through and go with it... and from there I have never looked back”


You can check out Austin and what he is up to on his social media accounts: YT: Austin Dunham IG, FB, SC: geekamd


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