Episode 14 - Emily Hayden - Finding the Courage to Evolve

Topics that were said:
-How Emily’s story actually originally inspired me to find a deeper strength inside
-Emily’s struggle with abuse, and hurt and how she found the strength to persevere through it
-What it means to evolve in the context of her own life
-The significance of the gym is her own life.
-Finding forgiveness for others and yourself
-How Emily built up her social media to be what it is today
-How Emily got into fitness in the first place
-Her experiences with competing both the pros and cons
-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf

Some amazing quotes that were said:

“I was hurting so deep inside and I never to let that out and let it show. What people saw was extreme hurt and the feeling of being alone and they saw it coming out in my training and its cool because it really benefitted me in my training and I was able to put on a good amount of muscle because I was training so hard”

“Just like the gym, we go through seasons. I am thankful for it being there for me in the hard times but it is also there for me in the good…. That being said, hard things are not definitive ends. They are phases that we can all get through”

“If you are going to the credit for all of the bad things you sure as hell should give them credit for the good things too”

“My mother hit me and I told her that that would be the very last time that she would touch me and after that I was on my own…. and this is where much of my own journey started for me”

“I was bouncing couch to couch… living in my car… I didn’t always know what my next step would be…. but the gym I worked at had showers that I could use so I was grateful for that”

“Every single failure is taking me to that next success…. without it, I would never be able to evolve”

 You can check out Emily and what she is up to on his social media accounts: 
YT: Emily Hayden
IG: @emilyhayden
Join the Movement. 
And Together We Can Pursue Our #StrongerSelf
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