Episode 13 - Gabby Male - Being Fearless: Letting Passion Guide Your Intuition

Super Cool Conversation Topics:
-How Gabby is able to manage all of her businesses, school, fitness and life responsibilities and still come out successful
-The challenges of transitioning into the “real world” after college... “adulting”
-The scary aspects of having an unconventional career when others don’t
-The not-so-talked about “loneliness” when you start your fitness journey
-Sides of online entrepreneurship that others don’t commonly see
-Moving outside of the “fit chick” label and becoming your own individual
-Is it worth it to go to college?
-When is it okay to charge money for your own advice? When do you know it is worth it? -Finding your own balance in an unbalanced lifestyle
-What does it mean to pursue a #StrongerSelf

Some Incredible Quotes:

“There have been times where I have felt alone in my fitness journey.... I have had times where I am spending my friday nights instead of at a party or at a bar, pumping weights at the gym, and people just not getting it.”

“It has been really difficult the last few months as I have my last semester in college. My friends are applying for internships and are getting jobs and building their resumes and are doing all of the things that you are suppose to do and I am asking myself if I need to be doing these things. Over the years I have accepted that its just not my path and its not where my passion resides.”

“A lot of people think that to be an online entrepreneur all you have to do is post some photos of the day and you are done and that’s the easy way out. But the reality is a lot more that goes into it. It is stressful at times when my friends are going out during the weekend and I am writing guides or posting on my other forms of social media and coaching clients... and even though there are times when I feel lonely I wouldn’t trade my passion for anything in the world.”

“I don’t want to become this basic mold that the fitness industry often tries to push me into. I am not a basic fit chick. ‘Yeah she it the girl with the fitspo.”... Its not just a picture; its so much deeper than that. Fitness has given me so much in my life and I want to convey that it can give more to others than just a physique.”

“I can’t sit here and say that I planned for all of this to happen. I am very much go with the flow. But I seize opportunities when they come and that has made the difference for me.”

“Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are passionate and believe in yourself you can literally do anything in your life. You are generally capable of such great things.”

“Having a fitness journey, a good one, can really help you become a better human overall in all aspects of your life.”

“Fitness helps me prove to myself that I can do hard things and that I can overcome hard things. I don’t think people realize that they have that power.”


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