Episode 09- Cristina Capron - Believing in Yourself When Others Don't

Conversation Topics: 
-Why Cristina decided to drop out of college and leave behind “the comfortable” to pursue the “uncomfortable” (hint: to follow her dreams) 
-What inspired Cristina to start her fitness journey and to start posting on social media to develop her own personal brand  -How to believe in yourself when other people don’t
-How Cristina fights against her fear of “losing it all” in the fitness industry
-The importance of diversifying your influence when adapting to the changing game of social media
-The Social (moral) responsibilities of having influence over others
-The importance of understanding your positionally when trying to help others
-Challenging perfectionism within social media  
-Dealing with negativity from others
-The tension between putting content out for yourself vs. for others... what is Instagram even made for? 
-What does it mean to pursue a #StrongerSelf
Some super BOMB quotes that were said:
“I left college and... my whole family was disappointed.... but it was the best thing that I could have done for me.”

“For a long time I didn’t believe I could make ‘fitness’ into a career... then one day I put it in my head that I could make this my career... that this could definitely happen... these thoughts were powerful for me to make them happen.”

“In anything in life, you can’t look for the support of others to pursue something... you have to want it yourself.”

 “There is no guarantee that things are going to last forever... and that scares me...”

“As much as we can’t always speak from experience, it's important to listen, to educate ourselves and try to understand the experiences of others to learn how to best help and serve them.”

“Confidence and self-esteem are so lacking... especially with social media... we scroll through pictures and videos of people whether it's their bodies or perfect dream life... it can be very hurtful.”

“It is my duty to make sure that I don’t put out the image that I am perfect... because I definitely am not. I have insecurities and I have flaws. No one is perfect.”

“We sometimes focus too much on our bodies and... focusing on the positives and more of the innate qualities of who I am.... has really been helpful for me in the industry that I am in.”

“In my mind, I am going to do what I have to do to make it work. I am going to find the next thing. If it doesn’t work I am going to invest what I have and make the best out of it. That kind of thinking is going to create that exact outcome.”
You can connect and find out more about what Cristina is up to on Twitter, IG, and Snapchat @cristinacapron and Youtube via ‘Cristina Capron’  
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Music by:  
BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden (WiDE AWAKE Remix)  and  
BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden

Caleb Spiro