Episode 08 - Courtney Hartman - Just Keep Going: A Motto To Change Your Life

Episode 08 - Courtney Hartman - Just Keep Going: A Motto To Change Your Life


In this episode we talk about:
-How Courtney was able to overcome the “no food, tons of cardio” approach to fitness and begin lifting (and how this changed her life)
-The difficulties of building a healthy relationship with food, healthy, and fitness
-How Courtney overcame her own eating disorder
-How Courtney expanded her diet to more ‘bad foods’ to help her muscles grow and perform better in the gym.
-The challenge of validating your own innate qualities in the fitness and social media world
-Challenges of putting weight gain in order to gain muscle -Finding acceptance when you feel misunderstood by others -How to be a more confident self
-Importance of knowing your “yes/no” decisions when standing up for your own self - How faith has helped her find a greater purpose and see hope during dark times in life

-What it means to Pursue a #StrongerSelf


Some awesome quotes that were said:
“At first I was like ‘no, no, everything is okay’ but it really wasn’t for me. I wasn’t supplying my body with enough food for really anyone to live... and for years I struggled with the mindsets that I had”

“I developed this body dysmorphia when I just felt that I was so gross and fat and it wasn’t that way at all.... for so long I struggled with how to properly train... and it wasn’t until I reached out for professional help was I able to start to get better”

“For years I just wasn’t mentally in the right place. I wasn’t comfortable with who I was.... and I took out a lot of frustrations out into my diet and through exercise...”

“I wanted to recognize more qualities about myself other than just my physical body... that if my friends and family loved me for more innate qualities... then I deserved to love myself more for those as well”

“Actually engaging in a bulk wasn’t easy because I had to see my body change in grow in way that was had to accept at times...”

“The inside of your doesn’t change, even if the outside does, and I have been able to find more love for myself by appreciating those inner qualities more”

“What even is normal? There are going to be a million different ideas for what beautiful is... so develop your own standard and live by that”

“No matter what I do I can’t please everybody... what is important is to make sure that I like what I say, that I like I can do... and its okay to be a little bit selfish sometimes... to make sure that your happiness comes first”

“Life is really short. Might as well make the freaking best of it”

“Allowing yourself to get comfortable with the uncomfortable is necessary with really any change you want to see in your life”


You can connect and find out more about what Courtney is up to on IG and Twitter: @courto_3 and on SC @courtneyhartman

Courtney’s Personal Fitness Coaching -> https://linktr.ee/ courto_3


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BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden (WiDE AWAKE Remix)
BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden

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