Episode 29 - Jessica Flint - From Oceanographer to App Creator: Taking the Risk


-What a recent “date gone wrong” experience taught her about life

-How Jessica went from oceanographer to designing an app to being a podcaster to founding a resource that would change the lives of 10,000’s of people

-How to deal with uncertainty in business, challenges of competing against a saturated market, how to know when your business is failing or learning to succeed during periods of dry growth, why 99% of start-ups fail

-The importance of creating businesses that help build mental health resources for people who do not always have access to them

-How we can utilize technology to help 1,000,000's

-Dealing with personal mental health issues as you start your own business, how to navigate out of it, and manage it... but most importantly use it to your advantage

-What it means to pursue your #StrongerSelf



“There was a large part of my life where I really felt inadequate in what I was trying to do with my life… and honestly, it really held me back for a long time…”

“When we are doing work that we really believe in and we aren’t seeing the results… we often don’t realize that we are actually just growing the roots of the business, not failing”

“When the iPhone came out I was really excited to create an app that didn’t count calories… because often times when we are looking at an app that counts calories we become really restrictive… and we begin to build a negative association with those numbers”

“I think that there a lot of ways to be influencer… there doesn’t always need to be a face that is linked directly to a cause… and in some cases that is when you know that you are creating the biggest impact”

“The second that we really lose faith in ourselves is when everything begins to fall apart”


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