Episode 04- Valentina Esteban - Giving Yourself Permission to Grow: Connecting with Your Spirituality

In this episode we talked about: 

-What inspired Valentina to travel the world (and how you can set yourself up to do the same).

-How Valentina lost over 30 pounds in 3 months and why she was motivated to start her fitness journey. 

-How living life with little certainty can create more certainty in the long run. 

-How to get through uncomfortable “self-help roadblocks” that hold us back. 

-Why your definition of fitness should change throughout your life. 

-Training with hate versus love (and which you should do). 

-How one tattoo changed everything.

-Benefits of intuitive eating and taking a holistic approach to fitness (and life). -How to find purpose when feeling utterly lost and directionless in life.

-What it means to Pursue a #StrongerSelf
Some amazing quotes from the podcast:
“At the end of 2016 I felt lost and unfulfilled even though I had achieved a lot of what I wanted for myself.... I felt that there was something really missing in my life... and that is what drove me to get onto this new path in life...”

“Spiritualism wasn’t really practiced in my experience of religion so I didn’t really know where I was heading.... so I was just like ‘I am going to start meditating’ and try to connect with something that was missing in my life... and that’s where it all started for me” 

“There is always an intuitive part of us that knows what to do so I think this is what had made me take the right steps and get me to where I am today”

“I wouldn’t be who I am without fitness... this ambition for building a stronger self... it built a stronger foundation for me and my path for a more spiritual (and fulfilled) life because without our physical health we cannot really do much” 

“If you don’t have that strong relationship with yourself you can completely tie your self-love to your physical body and as your body decays over your time your self-love will decay over time... that is why it is so important to build that love from within and focus on the other strengths that you have as a person and not based just on how you physically look” 

“Letting go of [my past] identity was definitely a challenge for me but I needed to give myself permission to grow because if I tied myself to that I wouldn’t have been able to.... you don’t have to tie yourself down to what you have down. There is always room for you to continue moving forward.” 

“You can’t base your actions off of other people’s actions. If you feel like you are staying true to yourself and you are bringing value the way that you want to bring value than that is what matters the most” 

“Life is not about being stagnant. It is about continuously moving forward to find who you are and what you truly to do” 

You can connect and find out more about what Valentina is up to: 

-IG: @vval_e
-YouTube: ‘Valentina Esteban’
-Website: www.valentinaesteban.com
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