Episode 03 - Kendall Reed - Using Your Voice to Help Others and Empowering the World to Follow

In this episode we talk about:
-How Kendal started the She Matters MVMT and why it continues to have a deep and meaningful impact on 1000’s each and every day.

-How to help get yourself out of your rock bottom moments and turn them into definitive points of your own success.

-Future innovations of mental health care.

-The hidden dangers of the “fitness world.”

-Learning how to accept and love the physique you have.

-How to talk about controversial issues in life on social media in a way that is helpful in furthering the conversation than hindering it.

-Why you should consider stopping dieting to somewhat ironically get into the best shape of your life.

-The benefits of the “Intuitive eating diet” and how this can help rebuild a healthy relationship with food

-How to help break free of old and self-destructive habits to help form healthy new ones.

-How to find your own purpose when you feel have lost it.

-What it means to pursue a stronger self

Content Warning: We talk about suicide, depression, anxiety, bullying, self-harm and eating disorders. Although these can be incredibly tough subjects, it should be noted that we talk about them in a positive light.

Some bomb quotes that are said:
“It is hard to talk about the issues of homophobia, sexism, fatphobia, etc., but if we don’t we can’t ever expect change as a whole and we can’t ever expect [social media] to become an app that empowers people and make the most out of our connections.” “Social media gifts us with a voice.... and the idea is to overwhelm (the bad) with using your voice for something good.”

“For a long time I really struggled with my relationship with food and finding love for myself.... [one day] I just sat there and said ‘I can’t live life like this anymore.’ It wasn’t fun, I wasn’t healthy, I wasn’t going out anymore.... and then things changed when I got into weight lifting....”

“Learning to let the little things go is going to be a challenge but a worthy endeavor as it will give more time (and energy) to deal with the things that do make a difference.” “The difference between guilt and shame is powerful. Guilt is when you do something and you feel bad about the act. Shame is when you do something you feel bad about who you are about a person.... shame is what breaks us down as people... it is what prevents us from connecting and being vulnerable and opening ourselves up to others.... so separating that line and realizing that you can feel guilty but not shame has been a huge thing for me.”

“My grandmother would always tell me that ‘life is not all about work and projects that it is about fun and dream time.’... to have someone who encouraged me to have fun and to do things... I really needed that in my life.”


You can find more information about Kendall by going to: IG: @kendy_wendyHer Amazing Website: -> shemattersmvmt.org

Join the Movement.


And Together We Can Pursue Our #StrongerSelf

Music by:BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden (WiDE AWAKE Remix)
BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden

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