Episode 01 - Caleb Spiro - Finding a Stronger Self Within

Hello, World!

This is the first episode of Stronger Self Radio.

In this episode, I talk about:

-How going to the gym helped me get through the hardest time of my life;

-The impact of social media in my life (very positive);

-Why I started this podcast;

-My vision for creating a better world and why I want you to be a part of it;

-Why I dare to ask the question “What does it mean to pursue a Stronger Self”; 

-And ultimately why you should too.


Some important quotes from the episode:

“When I was 15 years old I was a constant victim of bullying at my school and really struggled to find my own happiness”;

“I have always felt a special energy towards the gym that, to this day, I still feel a special connection towards”;

“The gym became a second home to me where I could help find a stable ground”;

“Beyond just a physical representation of growth, a more confident me began to emerge”;

“As weightlifting began to teach me the values of hard work, patience, and consistency, I was learning how to fight through pain and find a strength inside of myself I didn’t know I had”;

“Going to the gym made me realize that I was worth so much more than what the bullies made me feel, but most importantly what I felt I could be”;

“I realized I only needed one person to believe in me to know that things were going to get better and that I was going to be okay”;


You can find me on social media by going to @caleb.spiro.fitness on Instagram

Email: mediacontact@thestrongerselfmovement.com


Music for intro/outro:

BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS - Follow Your Heart ft. Cadence Ludden (WiDE AWAKE Remix)


Join the Movement.


Together we can pursue our #StrongerSelf


Caleb Spiro